Anti-gender politics and anti-feminist sentiments, which feature discriminatory, misogynist, homo and transphobic, and exclusionary discourses and practices, have been increasingly on the move globally, but so have feminist movements and discourses on structural transformation beyond gender equality mainly originating in the so-called Global South, but not limited to it. 

From the recent feminist revolutions in Rojava and Iran to mass mobilizations of millions of women and gender dissidents in Latin America against gender violence and also the International Women's strike across the globe, feminisms are on the move and moving the societies.

The course is designed to collectively discuss approaches and theories on the emergence and conditions of possibilities of these new feminisms and assess their impacts on each other and on mobility and mobilization in societies where they originated or migrated. The seminar aims to broaden students' knowledge of various lineages of feminisms, new social movements, everyday life politics, and gender (counter-) strategies and esthetics by discussing various cases of the unfolding new feminisms in different territories in the past decade. Thus, the course will serve as an entry point to shift the focus from dominant narratives of feminisms to a more inclusive, transversal, and transnational approach. The seminar will benefit occasionally from the participation and contributions of activists and scholars.

Semester: SoSe 2024