This seminar has an interdisciplinary character and aims to provide a critical understanding of the functioning of the social world by taking a cross-sectional view of several disciplines including geography, cultural studies, law, sociology, and feminist studies. To this end, it has two dimensions: one theoretical, the other empirical (methods of investigation, fieldwork). It provides students with a solid knowledge of social, cultural, and geographical structures, particularly on issues of inequality and domination. Understanding social, urban, and cultural geography from a critical and feminist point of view reveals persistent inequalities in societies and in space. This understanding is utilized throughout the seminar to illustrate the roots of inequality, as well as possible solutions. The starting point for each week is a particular phenomenon that highlights a specific relationship of socio-spatial inequality that has taken hold in society and opens up critical questions on geography from a feminist standpoint. 8 Phenomenon are investigated as presented below and are grouped under three main themes that serve as a starting point for discussion and exploration: gender, urban, technology, whiteness, colonialism, and postcolonialism, spaces of hope, resistance. The introductory session on April 22 will be held by Zoom, followed by two Friday/Saturday blocks (20 + 21 May, 24 + 25 June).
Semester: SuTerm 2022